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Libia. La agresión continúa, mercenarios han robado una tienda de gas venenoso

Mariátegui 17/08/14
Urgent: Misurata Criminal Militias Plan to Use Poison Gas on Tripoli

Submitted by JoanneM on Fri, 08/15/2014 - 10:53pm
The Misurata militias made up of criminals, terrorists, mafia and psychopathic mercenaries have stolen a store of poison gas from southern Libya and moved it close to their rats nest in Misurata to use against the innocent civilians in Tripoli. They moved the gas from where is was being stored in Al Jufra (Houn) - in south Libya. This gas was there before NATO invaded but had been under UN control so the west is fully aware of its existence but have done nothing to remove it. Ghadafi complied per the 2006 treaty to get rid of all offensive weapons and was required to put them under UN control.
Obama, who drew a "line-in-the-sand" about Syria and poison gas, is too busy golfing to think about such trivial matters in Libya. And the truth be known the Libyans would just as soon he forgot them because when he turned his evil gaze upon them, he ble…